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Threema Work

Secure communication with your co-workers, partners, and customers

Fast and straightforward communication by means of instant messaging is becoming increasingly important for businesses. Threema Work is the instant messenger for organizations that care about data privacy and security but don’t want to compromise on comfort and reliability.

  • Send text and voice messages
  • Send any kind of file (PDFs, Office documents, ZIP files, etc.)
  • Share pictures, videos, and locations
  • LDAP support – integrates with your companies user directory (Active Directory, etc.)
  • Create groups and distribution lists
  • Easily find agreements among group members using the unique poll feature
  • Verify contacts’ identities by scanning their personal QR codes (and thereby prevent Man-in-the-Middle attacks)
  • Effortlessly integrate Threema Work with MobileIron based on standards
  • Threema Work also supports tablets

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