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Time Tracker

Keep track of how much time is being spent on various activities and which assigned groups that time is with.

When managing incidents either on the Service Desk or in the various IT business units throughout the organisation, visualising or reporting on the amount of time spent on resolving or progressing support activities is a common challenge.

Being able to measure the amount of time that an incident (for example) has been open is one thing, but this does not provide the granular detail of how long an analyst has actually spent attempting to resolve the incident itself. There is rarely an occasion when one analyst will be physically working on many incidents at once.

Capturing this data allows the management of IT business functions to review on average how many man hours are being spent on various activities. It also gives the management teams the ability to visualise and manage the performance of the teams as a whole.

This design application is designed to provide the functionality in the Ivanti Service Desk Incident Management module to collect this data for use in reporting and real time feedback of what is currently being worked on and how long other incidents have been worked on for. The advice herein can be adapted for any module in Service Desk.