VMware App Volumes Connector

Deliver App Volume App stacks using Ivanti Automation

VMware App Volumes delivers persistent applications to users in real-time without modifying the underlying virtual desktop. Ivanti offers a people-centric approach to delivering a faster, more personal digital workspace with intuitive provisioning, self-service and security. Together, they enable enterprises to accelerate and automate the deployment of an elegant, less complex infrastructure. By combining the power of Ivanti Identity Director with VMware App Volumes, the entire organization will benefit.

IT Department

  • Build workflows to deliver AppStacks to users based on multiple attributes of the user’s identity. This provides the IT team greater control on who should and who shouldn’t receive the AppStacks.
  • Automatically provision and de-provision AppStacks based on a user’s role change.
  • Deliver self-service services to end users to choose which applications they want to install.


  • Improve the user experience by automatically delivering applications to the user based on their role in the organization.
  • Enable you to provide users with self-service capabilities. Users can select the AppStack they need to do their job for the amount of time that they need it.


  • Maximize utilization of App Volumes features while maintaining granular control over application delivery.
  • Ensure lines of business receive only the applications they require.
  • Save costs and improve utilization of resources and licenses, by automating the return of AppStacks once a user is finished using them or in an offboarding situation.

Use Case 1: Automatically deliver AppStacks based on a user’s identity.

  • Administrators can build services to automatically deliver one or more AppStacks based on a user’s identity within the Identity Director. Utilizing the Identity Director identity warehouse and qualification triggers ensures the right users receive the right applications.

Use Case 2: Request AppStacks via Self-Service portal. Provide users with self-service capabilities. Users can select the AppStack they need to do their job for the amount of time that they need it. Once a user is finished using their App Stacks, RES can automate the return of AppStacks for costs savings and to improve the utilization of resources/licenses.

To use the Connector for VMware App Volumes, the following prerequisites apply:

Ivanti Automation 2015 SR3 or higher
VMware App Volumes

  • An App Volumes administrator account with API permissions.
  • Administrative knowledge of App Volumes

Ivanti Automation Global Variables

  • Appvolumes Administrator type text
  • Appvolumes Password type Password
  • Appvolumes Server type text

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