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Vuzix M400

The M400 is the benchmark for the smart glasses industry. Its outstanding camera provides the best field service and vision-picking capabilities on the market. Its ruggedized mechanical design is ideal for users working in harsh environments. It is two-meter drop-tested and IP67 rated for waterproof and dustproof operation.

Our flagship device was chosen by Qualcomm to feature their groundbreaking Snapdragon XR1 microprocessor, designed specifically for smart glasses. This microprocessor enables a combination of voice and touchpad navigation for complete control over your device.

The M400 improves processes within many applications such as warehouse logistics, tele-medicine, manufacturing and field service. From guided trainings to live remote support and beyond, this device can improve efficiency in many areas of any business.

The Vuzix M400 can be quickly enrolled into the MobileIron UEM using the Device Admin deployment method (other Android Enrollment modes are not currently supported), to allow end users to pick up the device and instantly see the efficiency increases without needing to go through a configuration/setup phase.

The Vuzix M400 was self-certified on the MobileIron UEM and currently supports the following configurations, policies and actions:

  • Deploy network configurations WiFi (Enterprise and Personal)
  • Certificate deployments
  • Install applications
  • Remote lock/wipe devices
  • Device passcode policy enforcement
  • View device inventory details from MobileIron Admin Console


M400 Product Sheet

Vuzix and MI Integration Guide

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