Windows 10 Accelerator

This Environment Manager Policy provides a simple, centralized, and managed solution for migrating user profiles and local files from an existing Windows desktop to a modern Windows 10 desktop. The result is that, after the Windows OS migration, the user gets both their familiar desktop and also their documents in a familiar location, and they are immediately productive.

The jump from Windows XP to Windows 7 was a major leap for many organizations due to the huge architectural differences introduced with Windows 7, including a new profile architecture, new format policy templates and a change to the common folder structures that made up the user’s profile folder. The migration from Windows 7 to Windows 10 is fraught with similar challenges along with some new ones. The Ivanti Windows 10 Migration Accelerator enables an organization to migrate not only the operating system but the users’ data and personalization settings. Whilst ensuring that the experience of the user is not affected and keeping service desk calls to a minimum throughout the migration. Once at Windows 10, for those organizations where in-place upgrades are not an option, the Migration Accelerator can continue to be used. Again ensuring that the user experience is central when an updated version of Windows 10 is deployed by IT.



Environment Manager Policy Configuration Guide

EPM Configuration Guide

Xtraction Configuration Guide

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