Microsoft Teams AC Snippet

This snippet provides configuration to override trusted ownership so that the Microsoft Teams application doesn’t get blocked.

This snippet can be used within Ivanti Application Control or Ivanti Security Controls.

  • For Ivanti Application Control the snippet can be imported from an xml file. Both the xml file and a How To document specific to Application Control are included within the snippet package.

  • For Ivanti Security Controls the snippet must be entered manually. A How To document specific to Security Controls is included within the snippet package. We are looking into additional support for snippets in a future release.

Note that the snippet configuration may need fine tuning or variation depending on the version of the application, version of the operating system, or the method of installation.

Please feel free to send any feedback to the Product Management team at Ivanti using the following email address: We are particularly interested in:

  1. any fine tuning that has been necessary with existing snippets, or
  2. which other applications, that currently don’t have a snippet, should have one?

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