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Collect and integrate insights to optimize the data center.

Data Center Discovery for Complete Asset Management


  • Greater complexity in the data center now accounts for more than 80% of overall IT costs.
  • Limited visibility leads to risk from license compliance and overprovisioning.
  • A proliferation of multiple devices in your IT estate expands that risk.


iQSonar’s agentless discovery and dependency mapping gives you the visibility and information you need to see through layers of virtualization and clustering to see the applications and assets within your estate.


Mapping dependencies for IT transformation is a three-step process with iQSonar. We call it CIO (Collect, Integrate and Optimize):

  • COLLECT all the information on hybrid data center assets and underlying infrastructure dependencies.
  • INTEGRATE with third-party platforms, such as Cisco, Aspera and ServiceNow. Use iQSonar’s discovered data and inventory to provide a comprehensive view of your entire IT estate.
  • OPTIMIZE infrastructure in line with what the data reveals, addressing different strategic needs. As part of this process, built-in APIs and connectors enable our powerful insights to be integrated with operations management software from leading vendors.

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