whoosh ivanti connect

Seamless interaction between ISM and other systems

whoosh ivanti connect allows for the integration of other systems into Ivanti Service Manager (ISM). Data no longer needs to be transported manually from ISM to other systems or vice versa; our addon bridges this gap. You can simply concentrate on the task at hand and let whoosh ivanti connect do the rest. Presently, we offer three connections:

  • ISM to ISM (e.g. when your customer also uses ISM)
  • ISM to Microsoft Exchange (e.g. for managing appointments)
  • ISM to CSV file (for an easy export of your data)

ISM to ISM is the core functionality of whoosh ivanti connect. Each of the other connections can be bought seperately, depending on your needs. Other systems could be implemented into whoosh ivanti connect as well, so please feel free to contact us and leave a suggestion.

whoosh ivanti connect

Exchange connector

file connector

Please Note: To use these solutions, first download and install the unpackager tool from here. Once you’ve found a solution you’re interested in, just download it and use the unpacking tool to open up the solution and use it.