As today’s modern IT estates see a 400% increase in the use of SaaS-based applications (Gartner) year-over-year, and up to 50% of applications being accessed through the browser (Gartner), managing browser usage, data and synchronization has become critical to positive user experience.

Combining Ivanti’s UWM Environment Manager and Avanite’s WebData Control gives users enhanced browser management and accelerates  logons, by allowing administrators to efficiently manage the large data caches created by web browsers manage the large data caches created by web browsers efficiently in conjunction with the roaming of user-profiles. This powerful combination delivers a much-improved user experience on all desktops – virtual or physical.

The benefits of using WebData control include;

  • Manage browser generated data such as cookies, browsing history as well as browser data storage like webcachev01.dat
  • Implement browser redirection to ensure the right browser is used for each web resource
  • Synchronize favorites and bookmarks across all of a user’s browsers.