Encryptics is a SaaS security software provider that offers data protection and control from the time the data is created to the end of its useful life – no matter whom it is shared with. Existing encryption and data loss prevention solutions focus on centralized protection, but fail when files are downloaded to local devices and control is lost.

Encryptics protects data at the local device itself, and since access rights are authenticated every time access to the data is attempted, the owner of the data can change or revoke those rights at any time, and be assured that all access attempts are recorded. Encryptics delivers military grade encryption and data rights management without the traditional hassles (such as key management) associated with encryption solutions whether data is in transit, at rest, or even in use. As a SaaS provider, we develop and deliver flexible security solutions that fit seamlessly into any existing environment. Essentially, we provide peace of mind—by not only protecting the data itself through encryption – but also managing the access and usage rights of that data and a full audit trail for chain of custody. We can protect the data whether our customers store it on a server, share it through a cloud, or transfer it via email, USB drive, mobile, messaging, or FTP. You can feel confident that your sensitive information is always protected from unauthorized access.

Case study: Texas Department of Information Resources

Case study: Protecting PII in Healthcare