Automate help desks with AI, improving productivity while saving time and money.

Espressive is a pioneer in AI for enterprise service management, redefining how employees get help by delivering exceptional employee experiences. We were founded on the belief that getting help at work shouldn’t be so hard. While others have focused on solving the problems faced by help desk analysts, Espressive shifted the focus to the employee—because you can’t have self-service if your employees are not engaged.

However, this doesn’t mean the help desk is left behind. When you improve the employee experience through automation, you reduce redundant help desk work, enabling agents to focus on more strategic projects. This is important because according to the Help Desk Institue (HDI), help desk agents have a 41% attrition rate. This means that by the time team members are trained they are moving on. HDI also states that attrition rates are lower in environments that deliver a great work experience.