We at INVICTA are passionate about our company, products and people.

We believe in providing the best value proposition for the best Desk technology. We also believe that technology should be simple and quick to install and use, thus enabling a much quicker return on investment. At INIVICTA we value your time, our focus is on you the Customer and enabling you to get the best from our technology in the quickest but smoothest possible way.

Our commitment to you as our customer is that we will not change from these values and you will always remain as our focus.

Invicta Software has two major products for the SMB market. We noticed companies from 50 users + had the same principles as companies who had 5000 users. They both wanted similar processes and both had the same types of issues.

INVICTADesk™ is a leading service desk software solution that can be deployed on-premise or in the cloud. INVICTADesk™ supports heterogeneous environments, delivering superior service from a single, console. It’s affordability, ease-of-use, quick installation, and tight integration with industry leading endpoint management, business intelligence, and password management offerings makes it the optimal choice for organizations in the SMB space, Its simple install and powerful integration.