Juriba provides project command and control software for Evergreen IT.

Juriba's mission is to help organizations manage towards an Evergreen end-user IT estate using an intelligent, repeatable project command and control platform. Juriba's software, Dashworks, is designed to reduce the pain of enterprise IT migration and change by replacing spreadsheets and driving efficiency into transformation and business as usual project management. With over 6 million assets readied and scheduled for migration or upgrade, Juriba’s Dashworks platform is a leader in accelerating project delivery whilst reducing risk and cost.

Today, Dashworks enables enterprises to migrate and maintain Windows 10, Office 365, hardware refresh, application rollout, mergers and acquisitions and any other end user based project initiative. In addition to Fortune 500 customers, Juriba has also attracted a strong and extensive partner base, including global agreements with large system integrators, as well as localized alliances with resellers and distributors.

Cementing this partner base are its strategic technology alliances such as Ivanti where Juriba has established a certified technical integration with the Ivanti IT Asset Management suite. The company also regularly hosts and attends at internal and external Ivanti events, working closely with the product management teams to ensure ongoing support and capability.