Dynamic Cyber Security and Risk Management solutions

Lynx Technology Partners delivers dynamic Cyber Security and Risk Management solutions empowering every organization to effectively, proactively and seamlessly manage risk. The Lynx Team is made up of experienced, industry recognized experts who have led governance, risk management, compliance and cybersecurity programs and served as subject matter experts (SMEs) for Fortune 500 enterprises and government agencies. We recognize the gaps in traditional risk management approaches which do not provide visibility and interoperability between the various layers of defense. Our Lynx 360º Security services and solutions enable mature, risk management process and program integration. Our GRC and GRCaaS offerings are powered by Lynx Risk Manager (LRM). LRM is Lynx’s award-winning Security Risk Management and Compliance platform that enables simplification, automation, and integration of strategic, operational and security risk management processes and data. For more information, please visit LynxTechnologyPartners.com.