An HR Service Management and Business Process Automation solution


Neocase Software is an HR Service Management and Business Process Automation solution that improves employee experiences and HR productivity.  It does this by making employees self-sufficient through consumer grade self-service portals and chatbots, and freeing up HR time by automating administrative work through configurable Business Process Automation (BPA) tools and digital Employee Document Management (EDM).

The Cherwell–Neocase alliance helps both Cherwell and Neocase customers to digitize and transform their HR operations to deliver greater strategic value to their organizations by enabling growth while adapting to changing business requirements.

Neocase Software Benefits:

  • Digitizes HR workflows in a few clicks
  • Provides personalized HR workflows, manages employee documentation easily and is compliant with European and North America regulations through the no code processes builder
  • Automates HR administrative tasks and focuses on people
  • Answers employee requests sent through a self-service portal quickly using the muti-channels & multi-counties case management software
  • Empowers the employee journey experience day 1
  • Uses Xboarding® pre-build processes, depending on the employee life-cycle, to delight your employees and offer them a seemless employee experience
  • Provides solutions to support companies in their HR transformation

Contact: Jose Pena, Director – Alliances and Business Development




Partner Type: Technology
Geography: North America