SECARDEO GmbH offers pioneering solutions for the automated management of digital certificates.

The modular TOPKI platform provides components for enrollment, retrieval and management of any certificate for S/MIME, SSL, VPN etc. This allows public key infrastructures from a few hundred to several hundred thousand users and devices to be operated efficiently and automatically. The solution is based on open interfaces and standards without special client software and is integrated with Active Directory and leading MDM systems. The Certificate Enrollment Proxy certEP enables a native Windows auto-enrollment from many private and public CAs. Auto-enrollment for Linux systems, mobile devices and auto-revocation is supported as well as the central key archival and automatic distribution of trusted S/MIME certificates and private keys to managed and unmanaged mobile devices. User-transparent end-to-end encryption with any recipient is made possible by automated publishing and retrieval of S/MIME certificates using Outlook or mobile e-mail apps across organizations. The administration of all certificates in the central SQL database as well as a user self-service are conveniently carried out via a web browser.

SECARDEO GmbH was founded in 2001 by Dr.-Ing. Gunnar Jacobson and has since successfully completed a variety of PKI projects and provides excellent expertise. Our clients include several DAX corporations, global Silicon Valley players and a variety of major European companies. The head office is Ismaning near Munich.