Synapse Software enables companies to reach their full potential by building easy-to-use integrations to multiply the capabilities of the Cherwell platform.

How We Integrate With Cherwell

Synapse Software can enable outbound SMS messages from anywhere within Cherwell, pulling the mobile number from the associated customer and saving a record of the text message to a Journal. There are three versions of this mApp:

  • Core — Provides all the components necessary to send SMS messages from anywhere in the system. Running the One-Step will prompt for a recipient phone number and a message to send, but both of these can be specified via Stored Values as well. The One-Step clears these Stored Values out once the message has been sent.
  • Core+Incident — Provides everything in Core, plus a One-Step to pull the recipient phone number from an Incident's requestor. This will still prompt for the message to send, then save the SMS as a "Journal - SMS Message".
  • Custom (recommended) — Use our Twilio mApp Installer utility to install Core, as well as the additional functionality required to pull the recipient phone number from any business object that has a 1:1 relationship to Customer (an additional relationship to Journal is preferred, but not required). The installer will generate the One-Step based on your existing content and generate a blueprint that can be further edited or applied as-is.


Partner Type: Technology
Geography: North America