ThreatGuard develops standards-based government-validated compliance solutions

ThreatGuard has a long history of setting the standard in security and vulnerability assessments. Since 2008, Ivanti has leveraged ThreatGuard technology to provide its SCAP-based endpoint configuration and security compliance capability. We all know that security is important, but that doesn’t mean it has to be complicated. ThreatGuard is the industry pioneer and recognized leader in the development of standards-based security products and toolkits for end users and software vendors.

We produced the first commercially available assessment toolkit for the SCAP/XCCDF/OVAL family of compliance and vulnerability assessment standards, and continue to augment these standards by adding powerful features like remediation, undo, and policy exception management. Our technology directly processes and assesses against the standards-based compliance and vulnerability content from sources like NIST, DISA, and CIS, saving our customers time and money.